Instrument control software

CREDO has a fully functional, user friendly instrument control software, called CCT (Credo Control Tool). It has the following features:

  • Implemented in Python, an intuitive, open, easy to use programming language. The source code is easy to understand, maintain and extend. The software relies on the well-established, stable scientific component libraries:
    • NumPy: a Python package featuring fast array and matrix operations
    • Matplotlib: publication quality 2D (and 3D) plots
    • SciPy: scientific utilities (least squares fitting, etc.)
  • All components (X-ray source, detector, motor controllers, vacuum gauge, circulator) are interfaced and remote controllable
  • A flexible and easy to use scripting language for automatic exposure sequences from the basic to the involved
  • On-line data reduction: fully corrected and calibrated scattering curves are available immediately after the end of exposure
  • Scan measurements for camera alignment and position resolved SAXS experiments