X-ray source

X-rays are produced by a GeniX3D Cu ULD integrated beam delivery system (Xenocs SA, Sassenage, France). It comprises a microfocus X-ray tube of 30 W nominal power and parabolic multilayer optics. Download original product flyer...

Property Value
X-ray source Cu anode microfocus sealed X-ray tube
Source spot size 40 µm
X-ray wavelength 0.1542 nm (Cu K$\alpha$ radiation), <3% wavelength spread
Spectral purity <1% Cu K$\beta$ contamination
Uncollimated beam size at 70 cm from source  1.5 mm × 1 mm (H × V)
HW20%M divergence <0.4 mrad (in both horizontal and vertical planes)
Full flux under vacuum >108 photon/sec